Prayer at the end of the evening, selected and read by CCJP Chairman Simon Rodway

Final prayer during CCJP Event on 17th October 2017

Selected and read by CCJP Chairman Simon Rodway

Simon Rodway

Father, we bring to you in prayer the hopes and the needs of the world.
Each person you have made bears your image:
    but in each that image is assaulted by many enemies.

Hunger and homelessness, violence and the fear of violence, greed, jealously, boredom
    – all these

threaten the humanity of men and women which is your breath within them.

May your Church everywhere be a force for peace with justice.
May the gospel of Jesus awaken everywhere such a vision of our real destiny
    that evil may be overcome, not with other evil but with good.

And upon all who strive for the fulfilment of your reign on earth,
    may there come such a spirit of trust and hope
    that nothing may seem too hard to do in the name of your son, Jesus Christ our Lord.


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